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Pixel icons (transparent of black Background)
Devil small by VanillaCookieFox
Devil floating on air by VanillaCookieFox
Namerida Niva Pixel by VanillaCookieFox
Animated Pixel-icons of random Charakters. Fully selfmade. 
Manipulation (Full and High Resolution)
Let it Burn by VanillaCookieFox
'cause its a Beautiful Day by VanillaCookieFox
Colorless World by VanillaCookieFox
I saw sparks by VanillaCookieFox
Every Tear is a Waterfall by VanillaCookieFox
Manipulation with high Resolution, many Effects, and Stock-image-Background. Dark or Light, you Choose. The Animal isn't important, i make anything you like. Because this is a hard work, and my Laptop isnt the Fastest with these high resolutions, it needs a bit Time.
Manipulation (simple)
Mirror by VanillaCookieFox
Ghostly touch by VanillaCookieFox
Namerida Niva Reborn by VanillaCookieFox
A Simple Manip, with self-made Background. 
Drawen Wolfes
Near Light by VanillaCookieFox
Somewhere i belong by VanillaCookieFox
Flames of Forgotten by VanillaCookieFox
Yeah, i decided to make Drawings for you Guys. If you want, i only Draw Wolfes for now, in my Style of Drawing. If you like it, i make any Charakter Design for you. It can be one of your's, it can be a Random Design. Because its a hard Work to do, i need a bit of Time for that.

Newest Deviations



Gawd. Making my Halloween Specials just seem to take like FOREVER xD
Siearra by VanillaCookieFox
A small pixel-version of her. Just for Practice. I'm a bit out of skills of making pixels xD
If my Journey never ends by VanillaCookieFox
If my Journey never ends
Another one, and i think it went out pretty good. Just something i've tried out, wow, what a experiment xD can't touch this 

(c) VanillaCookieFox. Dont use without asking!
Away from you by VanillaCookieFox
Away from you

I can't call it 'real' art, because its only something like a 'test-run' i dunno, the anatomy is horrobly wrong, the face looks urgh.... i dunno, really. I just should do something like Manips again, drawing fur, it seems like it isn't mine xDD

(c)VanillaCookieFox. Dont use and stuff, you already know that xD
Alles neben dir verwelkt by VanillaCookieFox
Alles neben dir verwelkt
just a short 'preview' like pic of my new Charakter Yeiksa Varuno. Shes a Dragon-Wolf-Fox hybrid. I'm just searching for someone who could make this beauty in a Manipulation.. im trying myself, but it doesn't want to work out like i want qnq

(c) Charakter and Style belongs to VanillaCookieFox, me for short. Dont use without Asking first!


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  • Eating: Air =3=
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What should i say? Photoshop is paying Attention to me, now its my Laptop thats going to die. And with "Going to die" i mean it. I can't let it shut down, if i would do so, he would end up in another Blue Screen, and for that, i don't have any Brain left to Pay =-= So it has to stay in Standby, and thats not the best thing i can do, thats for sure.

So, right now, i have to say, that i don't have much time for much Art eather. At the moment i have to Learn a lot for School, and my Family and Friends are there too, to wich i have to pay Attention. 

But, don't cry, i don't quit DA for this Year. I will do Art, but not really much, only a few Pictures a Week, if i am good at Time. So, be Prepared for new Manipulations, Drawings, and maybe small Animations, if Gimp likes me one Day ^-^

With a Happy Face- Vanilla~

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Thaiix Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you take request?
VanillaCookieFox Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No sorry, only for good Friends, and even that is rare :i
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